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We Buy Local Homes in FLORIDA.....WeBuyLocalHomes.com

This is how WeBuyLocalHomes determines the value of your home or property...

First, we lookup your properties value in the County records.

  1. The year/date you purchased your property.
  2. The price you paid for the property.
  3. The amount that is owed on the property.
  4. We take the Counties Current Market Value.
  5. We take the Counties assessed Value.
  6. We calculate what is owed on property, mortgage, taxes and other fees.
  7. We check to see if your wiring is up to code. Copper -V- Aluminum.
  8. We determine the Costs of Fix up and repairs.
  9. We determine Current Market Conditions and fluctuations in the market place.
  10. We come up with a cash value.
  11. Then we make you a CASH offer, upon our findings
  12. Upon agreement, we pay you CASH for your house or property.

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